Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Keppel Land - Exercise at Estimating its DRS price in 2012

This post is an exercise at estimating the issue price of the shares for Keppel Land for its Dividend Reinvestment Scheme in 2012.

The date of this post is 16 Feb 2012.

The Shares go ex-dividend on 26th April.

The Share price closed at 3.02 as of yesterday.

According to my calculations, the share price will close at between 3.48 to 3.65 on 26th April i.e. my estimate is that it will close at 3.56.

Post its ex-dividend, the share will close at 3.36 on Day 1 ex-dividend, 3.34 on day 2 and 3.3 on Day 3.

The estimated Dividend Reinvestment Scheme price will be 3.24.

I am penning this down to see how accurate I am in this prediction.

Full Disclosure : I am long Keppel Land as of now.

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