Monday, March 5, 2012


I got this from the Singapore Warrants Charter.

Their belief was that there is a Pivot at 2.85

The stated preference is for long positions above 2.85 with targets @ 3.25 & 3.45 in extension.

The alternative scenario is to check below 2.85 to look for further downside with 2.75 & 2.55 as targets.

The RSI is above its neutrality area at 50%.

For the record, I am long Capitaland .

However, today the market is down 1.4% as I write and Capitaland is down to 2.96 as I write, down 3%.

My guess is that the market is down as Capitaland is being pushed down because China is expecting lower growth for the year.

This just shows you the effect or non-effect of a warrant recommendation

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