Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sembcorp Industries

Last year I had outlined a trading idea on Sembcorp on 16th April.

The trading idea was

"Assuming the world does not go to hell in a handbasket, buy Sembcorp anywhere from May till November.

The range of fall could be 5.06 or 4.66 or 3.66

My prediction for whatever it is worth, is that it would fall from around 5.4 as on date i.e. 20th April 2012 to around 4.35 by November 2012.

Ideally, buy at a price below 4.5 and sell it anywhere from November 2012 onwards till April 2013 when it hits 5.5.

The return on capital is around 22%, good enough for a year holding period."

Actually, you need not have waited one year, you needed to wait for just one month.

By 11 May 2012, the price had hit 4.67, within a cent of my fall price.

There were two exit opportunities , one in October and one in January both, exceeding the 5.5 target.

Sembcorp is currently at 4.93.

I am currently long the stock. As it hits 5.5, I will exit my position.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Isetan - What Runs up will drip down ?

I am revisiting a post I did on Isetan in August 2012.

is the link above to those who missed the original one.

Here is a link to isetan. 

The funny thing is that the stock price was on a tear in August 2012, shooting up 46% in the month

Promptly, it collapsed about a day or two after the query from SGX in August 2012.

However, it went on a longer run from Sep to Nov 2012 reaching the same heights as earlier.

However, there is no query from SGX.

Now, from November 2012, it is slowly dripping down back to its old levels.

No positions in Isetan. Just an observation