Sunday, March 30, 2014

Nordion Inc

I had written three weeks back on Nordion.

I had also posted this on value

There was a valid argument on valuebuddies, that i should be wary as the stock had not broken 10X in the last two years.

Instead of cutting the trade, I doubled up on the share at 10.56.

The logic was that instead of harvesting the share, if I am convinced enough about it, i should double my position if I had conviction.

Accordingly, I had doubled my position on 26th March 2014.

Now, there is news that Nordion is likely to be accquired .

At the purchase price of 11.75, the ROC is 11.2%.

Chances are that there will be few such trades of mine which will have a positive outcome.

However, I am quite happy with the decision to double my position.

There is some element of luck as well in your investment decisions, as by right, I should have sold off at 10.

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