Monday, April 7, 2014

Mensch und Maschine Software SE

This post is to outline a German small cap software play.

This is a link to the investor relations of Mensch Und Machine Software.

This is a look at the stock price over the last one year

Here is a link to a recent analyst report with a price target of 6.5 EUR.

The current price is 5.93 EUR.

To make the waiting bearable, there is a 0.2 EUR dividend, which is likely to give yield of 3.37% while we wait.

There is a 10% upside potential if the price target is achieved.

Looking at the all time chart, it makes one wonder whether the price target will be hit.

The all time high was 6.78 back in 2002, before a 2 : 1 split.

There is a huge surge in small cap stocks in Germany and this is my way of riding on that.

Full Disclosure : I am long MUM and hope to exit once price target is achieved.

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