Monday, August 31, 2015

Holding your nerves

We have all heard the exhortation to buy when others are fearful.

25th August would have been a perfect example to execute that adage.

I remembered this line from TRB (if you do not read this site, you really are missing some entertainment)

The best part was

"2025: “Honey, what happened to our retirement investments?” I liquidated back in 2015. “What?!? Why?” Something about the yuan…
— Downtown Josh Brown (@ReformedBroker) August 12, 2015"
So, on August 25, I added to my positions in 

CDW Holdings (D38)
Hotung Investment (NT1)
Oxley Holdings (5UX)
Lee Metals Group (593)
Keong Hong Holdings (5TT)
Lyxor Europe ETF (JC5)
Lyxor Japan Topix 10 ETF (CW4)
Lyxor NASDAQ (H1Q)
Lyxor Asia Real Estate (MT7)

Lyxor DAX (DAX)
DB X FTSE All Shares (XASX)
iShares FTSE 100 ETF (ISF)

Think AEX (TDT)

The logic, simply, was, these are stocks / markets I was happy to hold for the long-term and with the market going on sale, chances are the future returns will be better now, than it was 20% ago.
 Disclaimer :- 

I am not an investment professional.
I encourage you to do your own independent "due diligence" on any idea that I write about, because I could be and probably am wrong.
Nothing written here is an invitation to buy or sell any particular stock.
At most, I am handing out an educated guess as to what the markets may do.
The market will always find a new way to make a fool out of me (and maybe, even you!).
Even the best strategies of the past fail, sometimes spectacularly, when you least expect it.
I am not immune to that, so please understand that any past success of mine will probably be followed by failures

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